24,619 Books were read at Kitayama this year!

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Thank you PTA for the new books!

PTA just bought the library books about cars and pets (Blastoff Readers, Level 2.)

Watch a Book in the Library 6/2-6/8

Charlotte's Web published in 1952, the first movie came out in 1973 and the latest movie 2006.


How to borrow an electronic book from Alameda County Library

How to borrow an electronic book from Alameda County Library and read it in your browser

  • Need a library account? You can register your child online. https://alam1.aclibrary.org/selfreg
  • Go to: overdrive.aclibrary.org
  • Scroll down to OverDrive for kids and click on it
  • When you find the book you want to borrow mouse over the book and click on borrow (you can also click on more to get more info on the book or click Sample to read the first few pages)
  • Type in your library card number
  • To continue reading your book at a later time follow the beginning instructions then click Account and enter your name and library card number
  • Books self delete after 3 weeks so you will never owe for a late book. 
  • You can also download the free Overdrive app to your device
  • Did you know you could get free passes to bay area museums with your library card?Go to: http://guides.aclibrary.org/discover

School Events May and June

4/18: Open House 5:30-7:30
4/20: Spirit Assembly
4/25: Kinder Experience
5/27: Bear Olympics
5/30: Holiday
5/31: 5th grade Social
6/1: Volunteer Tea
6/6: Runaway Caboose Assembly (K-1)
6/6: 5th grade Pool Party
6/7: Field day
6/8: Talent Show - Last Day of School

Lesson Plans Library

K-3rd: Review of Genres with movie Pagemaster
4th-5th: WeVideo