Winter Break

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Lesson Plans: 12/15-19: Google Doc and record a book

 5th-3rd:  Writing a paper using Google Docs

 K - 2nd:  Read and record: 

Lesson Plans: 12/8-12/12: Google Docs and CYRM voting

 5th-3rd:  Writing a paper using Google Docs

 K - 2nd:  Voting for CYRM books

Lesson Plans: 12/1-12/5: Google Docs and CYRM book: Too Tall Houses

 5th-3rd:  Writing a paper using Google Docs

 K - 2nd:  Meet the author, look at her art work, and read the book Too Tall Houses written and illustrated By Gianna Marino <http://www.giannamarino.com/>


Lesson Plans: 11/19-11/21: Recording on the Doc Cam

K-5: Reading and recording on the Doc cam ...
Little Humans by Brandon Stanton (meet him http://vimeo.com/85667490)

or a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


November is a short month this year

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Fiction or nonfiction?

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Lesson Plans 11/12-11/21: The Exclamation Point

EXCLAMATION MARK! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.
Call # E ROS 

2014-2015 CYRM Nominee
A punctuation mark feels bad that he does not fit in with the others; it’s not easy being different having grown up in a world of periods. Exclamation Mark does not discover his special ability to convey strong emotion—including joy and happiness—until he meets Question Mark and must listen to his seemingly endless questions. However, these questions reveal the possibilities that exist when differences are accepted. From: CYRM Web page at <http://www.californiayoungreadermedal.org/books/exclamation-mark>

Exclamation Point by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann
Call # 428.2 SAL This book introduces readers to the proper use of the exclamation point.


Lesson Plans 11/3-11/7: E book or F book?

K-5: we will read the CYRM book RANDY RILEY'S REALLY BIG HIand meet the author Chris Van Dusen, We figure out if it is fiction or nonfiction, what section and shelf will be found in or on. 

Lesson Plans 10/27 - 10/31: Call numbers

K-5: Understanding Call Numbers and why we need to know them


Lesson Plans 10/20 - 10/24: You cannot tell a book by the cover or title (what is fiction and nonfiction)

CYRM Nominee 2014-15 City Dog, Country Frog” by Mo Willems
Fiction: NOT REAL
Nonfiction: NOT NOT REAL (cross out double negatives)

1. Write down one question that comes to mind after I have read the story, “City Dog, Country Frog” by Mo Willems.
2. Go to a computer, using Google search, type in that question.
3. Write down the answer and turn it in.
1. Is the story fiction or nonfiction?
Fiction stories are made up in someones head.
Nonfiction stories are true stories.
2. Think of one question that comes to mind after I have read the story “City Dog, Country Frog” by Mo Willems.
3. What three things can we use to find the answer to your question?


Lesson Plans 10/13-10/17: How they work: Scanners and Computers

Kinder and 1st: Parts of the computer and how to turn it on, off and use Shelf Elf Page http://shelfelfpage.blogspot.com/

2nd-5th: Presentation: How they Work: Barcode Scanners and Computers (http://shelfelfpage.blogspot.com/)

Standards: Library and CCSS
Library: c. Identify basic digital devices and parts of a computer (e.g., DVD player, remote control, digital camera, monitor, power button, keyboard, mouse). f. Demonstrate correct procedures to turn the computer on and off and open and close applications.
CCSS: (3) use technology to teach students, assess their knowledge, develop information resources, and enhance computer literacy. 


Books read in September

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Lesson Plans 10/7-10/9 Tues - Thur: Using KOHA OPAC

Grades 1st - 5th: How to search for a book using the Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC at http://koha.nhusd.k12.ca.us/ on our library system KOHA http://www.koha.org/
Presentation at <http://yow510.blogspot.com/>


Lesson Plans: 10/6-10/10: Internet safety

Kinders will explore the library for the first time and play "I Spy" and Internet safety.

Monday and Friday classes: 5th-1st: Finish up Internet safety units


Fieldtrip: Oct 1 for NHUSD Teacher Librarians

The Teacher Librarians of NHUSD cannot wait to attend the Educators Day at Imagine K12 on October 1st.


Lesson Plans 9/30-10-6: Internet Safety

Last week of Internet Safety Training for grades 1st - 5th