20 Top Most Circulated Books at the Kitayama Library

Rank Title
1 Encyclopedia of mammals. 
2 Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone.
3 The new book of knowledge:
4 The wimpy kid movie diary:
5 Sideways stories from Wayside School.
6 The sword thief.
7 Diary of a wimpy kid:
8 Charlie and the chocolate factory.
9 One false note.
10 Party poopers.
11 Lose, team, lose!
12 Captain Underpants and the invasion
13 The Sisters Club.
14 The maze of bones.
15 The teacher from heck.
16 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.
17 Diary of a wimpy kid:
18 Christmas in Camelot.
19 Night of the creepy things.
20 The Heinie Prize.