Add On: Lesson 12/10-12/14

What is Britannica School? It is a safe, up-to-date, and age-appropriate information resource for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that support student research and reinforce curriculum standards.
No password is needed for on-campus internet connections.
Off campus: Ask student or Mrs. Vranjes for username and password. 


Add On: Lesson 12/4/18-12/10/18

What is the difference between using "Guest" and "Student"
Speed vs Bandwidth Explained ... see video


Books read Year to date at Kitayama

Can you see the number?

Hint: Look at the nose of the train.

Yes, Seven thousand, eight hundred twenty-two!

Lesson Plans: 12/3/18-1/11/19

TK-5TH: Coding using Code.org


Lesson Plans 11/26/18-11/30/18

TK-5th: Code.org


Thanksgiving Holiday 11/19-11/23

Lesson Plans: 11/13-11/16 and 11/26

TK-5th: How to use Destiny Discover (our Library catalog)


Number of books read at Kitayama Year to Date

Related image,Related imageRelated imageRelated image   (yes 5,536 books!)


Lesson Plans 11/5/18-11/9/18

3rd-5th Grade: Email address and password Test
TK-5th Grade: Signing on to Chromebooks using QR Codes


CHANGED: Lesson Plan 10/29/18-11/2/18

Lesson Plan Change TK-5th
We are going to learn to use QR codes (enabled by Clever ) to log into our new library HP Chromebooks.



Grades 2nd-5th
Your students have accounts on https://typing.com
Their Username is the first part of their email address (before the @ sign).
Their password is their email password.


Final Email tests for first report card 11/5-11/9

FINAL EMAIL TEST for first report card: 11/5-11/9
3rd Grade test: Email password
4th-5th grade test: Email password and WHOLE email address


Book Fair 10/15-10/19

The Book Fair is in the library during your student's library prep class. Below are the library prep days for your students by rooms.

  • Mon: 23, 29, 12/1, 20, 15, 31
  • Tues: 16, 34/30, 2/1, 22/28, 14,
  • Wed: 17, 35/30, 3/1, 24/28, 9, 36
  • Thur: 18, 37, 4/1, 25, 8, 33
  • Fri: 26, 38, 6/1, 27, 7, 32


Lesson Plans: 10/15/18-10/26/18

1st-5th: Keyboarding
TK and Kinder: Internet Safety, Intro to the HP Touch Chromebook, and Keyboarding

Lesson Plans: 9/27/18-10/12/18

Grades 1st-5th: Internet Safety
10/01/18-10/05/18: TK and Kinder: Welcome to the Library
FIRST email testing starts after: 10/3/18
Grade 3 test: Email Password
Grade 4-5 test: Email Address and password

Lesson Plans: 9/19/18-9/26/18

Grades: 3rd-5th: Email worksheet
Grades: 1st-2nd: Internet Safety

Lesson Plans: 8/29-9/15

We are getting ready for an awesome school year. We are learning our school and library rules, finding our library cards, checking out our first library books, scanning our reading textbooks, and learning how to sort our books.


Assignments in the Library

Your student's assignments, due dates, and my lesson plans are posted on this blog.
Your students grade for the first trimester (due 11/9/18) will be based on their level in the keyboarding program AND ...
Grade 3: must know their school email password
Grades 4-5: must know their school email address and password

Welcome Back to School!

The library is open before school 7:45 to 8:00 and after school 2:05 to 2:15. You may read, check out or in books, work on the computers, talk to Mrs. Vranjes, and/or do homework.
You may check out five books at a time before or after school. You have a week (7 days) to read the books.


Books read YTD


Student Work

I started a new tab called "Student Work" where I will post my students work. Check it out ... click on the tab "Student Work" above. Below is an example of our last assignment using Story Bird.com (click on the picture to see the poem).


Mark your calendars

What is coming up in the library ...
Last student check-out: 4/30-5/4
All Student library books due: 5/07-5/11
Book Fair: 5/14-5/18
Teacher library books due: 6/1


Lesson Plans 4/23-6/8

TK-2nd: Email Book
3rd-5th: Write a Diamante poem and publish on Storybird.com


Lesson Plans

TK-1st: 3/19-4/27: Parts of a Nonfiction Book
3/21 - 3/27: Nonfiction Text Features
 3/28 - 4/27: Reference Material



Lesson Plans 3/6/18-3/30/18

2nd-5th: Book Reviews by Students
Kinder-1st: Parts of Nonfiction Books


Lesson Plans 2/20-3/2

2/20-2/26: Study Email address and password
2/27-3/2: Email Test

Kinder and TK: Checking in and out books
1st grade: Checking in and out and sorting number books
2nd grade: Finding books in the library


Lesson Plans 2/9-2/15

5th - 3rd grades: School E-mail address and password
2nd grade: Searching for books
1st: Checking-in and out picture books
Tk-Kinder: Checking out books

Lesson Plans 2/5-2/8

5th-2nd grades: Finding books in the library
1st grade: Checking-in and out E books and sorting them
TK-K: Finding Library card and checking-out a book
Pic: Destiny Quest Library Catalog


Lesson Plans 1/22/18-2/2/18

  • TK-Kinder: Receive and use library card
  • 1st: Check-out E books and learn to "Sort" books
  • 2nd-5th: Citations