Lesson Plans 9/10-10/2: Internet Safety

Grades 1st-5th: Internet Safety using 

Common Sense Educationhttps://www.commonsensemedia.org

  • First Semester Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit
  • Driving Question (DQ): What is appropriate behavior in the library: both online and offline?
  • Standard 3. Students use information.The student will organize, synthesize, create, and communicate information. 3.1 Demonstrate ethical, legal, and safe use of information in print, media, and online resources: Understand the need to adhere to privacy and safety guidelines. Understand the need to ask a trusted adult for permission when asked to provide personal information in person, on a form, or online. 3.2 Draw conclusions and make informed decisions: Participate in completion of a graphic organizer showing aspects of a topic. 3.3 Use information and technology creatively to answer a question, solve a problem, or enrich understanding: Use a picture or other visual aid when telling a story.
  • Product: Motto Poster