Lesson Plans: Keyboarding

TK-5th: Keyboarding Jan. 21st to Feb 28th


Lesson Plans 1/13-1/17

Kinder: Mock check-out and check-in
1st grade: How to sort books
2nd: Finding Nonfiction books
3rd-5th: Google Account Test and Easybib


Google Account Test

Google Account Test: 1/13-1/17


Downloading Destiny Discover at school or at home

If we add Destiny Discover to your Chromebooks, when you search for a topic it will show the books on that topic in our library. There are many apps for other devices for more info go to: https://www.follettlearning.com/books-materials/learn/digital-content/follett-ebooks/ebook-management/destiny-discover


Lesson Plans: 1/6/20-1/10/20

TK-2nd: Using eBooks
3rd-5th: Unit: Citing sources: Short cut with an app


Washi tape and library books

For some reason the lamination failed on all of my Percy Jackson books. I hate when books look so ratty. Do I trim the covers and re-laminate?

I have a bunch of washi tape, so I peeled off as much of the old lamination as I could and washi taped the bottom and top (folded it in half) and made a new spine label. I re-laminated the book covers.

All pretty again!


Google account test 12/2/19-12/6/19

Students will have the same Google account with NHUSD until they graduate 12th grade. Students in grades 3rd to 5th need to know their account in their classroom, in science and the library.


Lesson Plans: 12/16/19-12/20/19

TK-K: Using library card with library scanner
1st-2nd: Parts of Nonfiction Books: Titles and Headings

3rd-5th: Unit: Citing sources: Plagiarism

Lesson Plans 12/9/19-12/13/19

TK-5: Scanning Reading Textbooks and Hour of Code

Lesson Plans: 12/02/19-12/06/19

TK-K: Using library card and Clever to find Shelf Elf Page
1st-2nd: Parts of Nonfiction Books: Typeface and Captions

3rd-5th: Unit: Citing sources

11/23/19 to 12/01/19: Fall Break

Lesson Plans: 11/18 - 11/22

TK-K: Finding your library card!
1st-2nd: Parts of Nonfiction Books: Index
3rd-5th: Using reference printed books: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, and Altas

Lesson Plans 11/12 and 11/14

TK-5th: Discovering our Interactive eBooks 

in our library on our Destiny Discover


Kitayma has read 5513 books so far this year

Lesson Plans: 11/4/19 - 11/8/19

  • TK - Kinder: How Things in the Library Work
  • 1st - 2nd: Parts of a Nonfiction Book: Glossary
  • 3rd - 5th: Reading Nonfiction


Lesson Plans 10/28/19 to 11/01

3rd to 5th: Google Account Test TK to 2nd: Parts of a Book: Table of Contents


Lesson Plans: 10/21-10/25

2nd - 5th: Know you Google account: Test 10/28-Nov 1 Kinder - 1st: Gross staff and Parts of a book FC,BC,TP,S


What standards are we using for Kitayama's library?

We are using the Model School Library Standards For California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve found at https://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/librarystandards.pdf


Lesson Plans: 9/17-9/27 Internet Safety: We the Digital Citizens

STANDARD 3 – Students Use Information – The student will organize, synthesize, create, and communicate information.
3.1 Demonstrate ethical, legal, and safe use of information in print, media and online resources:


Lesson Plan: 8.21.19 to 8.23.19

Grades 1st to 5th: Welcome to Kitayama

Students must know their Google account!

Lesson Plans 8.26.19 to 8.30.19

Grades 1st to 5th: Intro to the Library

The Chromebook Keyboard

Lesson Plans 9.3.19 to 9.9.19

Grades 1st to 5th:
Do you know your school Google Account?
First check-out

Lesson Plans 9.10.19 to 9.27.19

Grades 1st-5th: Internet Safety

Book Fair Website

eWallet For the Book Fair


Lesson Plans: 4/15/19-5/17/19

TK-5th: Writing book reviews and filming book trailers


Lesson Plans 3/25/19-4/12/19

2nd - 5th Grade: Do you know the parts of Nonfiction Text?
TK - 1st: Parts of Nonfiction Text

Google Account Test: 4/8/19-4/12/19


April 1st-5th: Spring Break
April 15th-26th: Testing: 3rd-5th
April 29-May 3rd: Last Check-Out
May 6th-11th: All Books Due
May 13th-17th: Book Fair
May 27th: Memorial Day
June 13th: Last Day of School