Thank you Phil from PHILFOTO @ PHIL-FOTO.com for doing the photo booth at our Field Day.
Parents you can go to PHIL-FOTO.com to download the pictures (password is to the picture strip). Please, LOVE him on YELP. FYI: He is great with the kids!
Business card from PHILFOTO @ PHIL-FOTO.com phone # 844-980-1800

Phil from PHILFOTO @ PHIL-FOTO.com getting students to pose for a photo booth picture.


Book Fair 5/8-12

Our Book Fair is May 8th - 12th during Library Prep and after school from 2:05-3:00.


Lesson Plans: 4/10-4/14

Kinder: Finding and using library cards
1st grade: Finding E books on the shelves
2nd Grade: Finding F books on the shelves AT their reading level
3rd - 5th: Diamonte Science Poems (see my example below)

Earth’s Water 

Fresh Water
Limited, scarce
Drinking, irrigating, cooking
On Earth only 3% of our H2O is fresh and 97% is salty
Shipping, fishing, sailing
Abundant, plentiful
Salt Water

By: Mrs. Vranjes

Book Fair 05/08/2017 - 05/12/2017


Lesson Plans 1/23/17-1/27/17

3rd - 5th: STEM: Earth's Water
Kinder - 2nd grades


Lesson Plans: 1/17/17-2/3/17

3rd-5th: STEM lesson plan: NGSS: 5-ESS2-2. Describe and graph the amounts and percentages of water and fresh water in various reservoirs to provide evidence about the distribution of water on Earth.
Kinder-2nd: Reading Nonfiction

Lesson Plans: 1/9/17-1/13/17

3rd-5th: Adding a user to a Chromebook and logging into Google Classroom.
Kinder-2nd: Reading Nonfiction

Lesson Plans: 1/3/17-1/6/17

2nd-5th: Library Book Survey
Kinder-1st: Reading Nonfiction


Books read so far this year!

Standards for Charts or Graphs with Google Docs

3D Standards: Charts or Graphs with Google Docs
CCSS: 7. Explain how specific images (e.g., a diagram showing how a machine works) contribute to and clarify a text.
Model School Library Standards: 2.1.a Draw meaning from illustrations, photographs, diagrams, charts, graphs, maps, and captions.
ISTE: 3: Knowledge Constructor: Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.
ISTE: 6: Creative Communicator: Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.


Kitayama's K-5 Hour of Code

Kitayama’s parents and guardians are invited to attend our Hour Of Code using Code.org <https://code.org/learn> with their students during their students Library prep class 12/12/2016 – 12/16/2016.
Watch the video: “President Obama asks America to learn computer science” at https://youtu.be/6XvmhE1J9PY

Books read to date


Standards for Coding

Lesson Plan Change: 11/14-12/16: Coding

Kinder-1st grade: How to use Chromebooks
2nd-5th: Coding on Coding.org
See standards above
Students can use their Code.org school accounts in their classrooms and at home <https://code.org> .


Homemade light diffuser

When I read to students using the document camera and projector there is a glare from the fluorescent lights on the pages. If I turn off the lights I cannot see the words. Looking into the issue I found I could buy light diffusers for $35.00 per light. So I made one myself by laminating tissue paper and using double-sided duct tape to stick it to the lights. The width of the laminator is the right size (2 feet) and I ran a two four-foot lengths. The only problem is I used green and blue, so now under the lights my gray hair looks green!


Lesson Plans 11/7/16-12/2/16 Keyboarding

1st-5th: Keyboarding
Kinder: Using the computers
3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)


Lesson Plans 10/31-11/4: Keyboarding

Halloween 10/31 and Mod Day: Check-in and out
Tk-Kinder: CYRM books and computer use
1st-5th: Keyboarding
3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)

Lesson Plans 10/24-10/28 Keyboarding

Tk-Kinder: CYRM books and computer use
1st-5th: Keyboarding
3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)3D Model for

Lesson Plans 10/17-10/21 Book Fair

TK - K: Book Fair and Computer use
1st-5th: Book Fair and Keyboarding
3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)

Lesson Plans 10/10-10/14 Keyboarding

TK - K: Intro to computers
1st, 2nd, and 5th: Keyboarding Intro

3rd-4th: Keyboarding
3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)

Lesson Plans 10/3 - 10/7 Keyboarding & CYRM

5th: Internet Safety Poster Due

Tk-K: Intro to Library
1st-2nd: Read Aloud: 2016 CYRM books
3rd-4th: Keyboarding Intro

3D Model for Keyboarding in the Library (See post below)


California Young Reader Medal Nominees

CYRM 2016-2017 Nominees:
The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach. 
I’m My Own Dog by David Ezra Stein. 
It’s an Orange Aardvark by Michael Hall. 
Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira. 
Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett. 

Lesson Plans 9/24-9/28/16 Internet Safety & CYRM

Please watch this video from Common Sense Media: 
TK-Kinder: Internet Safety
5th-3rd: Internet Safety Test
2nd – 1st: Read Aloud: 2016 CYRM books
3D Model for Internet Safety in the Library (See post below)


Lesson Plans: 9/6-9/24 Internet Safety: Common Sense Media

1st-5th: Internet Safety using Common Sense Media 
See 3D Model for Internet Safety in the Library below.

3D Model for Internet Safety in the Library


The "NH TEACH-OLOGY" newsletter by Margaret Agbowo, our new Technology Integration Specialist, will be posted under "NHUSD TECH NEWSLETTER" on the lower right of this page.


Lesson Plans 9/1/16-9/7/16 and 9/12/16

First Check Out: 1st-5th
Interactive book: A visit to the library by Sarah C. Wohlrabe ; illustrated by Jeffrey Thompson.
Find library cards, check-out books, and finish survey (3-5)