Lesson Plan: Cyber Safety Training (E-Rate Week 1)

Kinder - 5th: INTRO: Worksheet: Define terms (page 1)


Lesson plans 2/

5th-4th: Inspiration
3rd-1st: Putting away books
Kinder: Reading books


Read a book, and live happily ever after!

Lesson Plans 2/12-2/15
5th-4th: CYRM books
3rd-1st: Reissuing library cards and checking out books
Kinder: Video: The Elves and the Shoemaker, Read aloud: The Shelf Elf


I am home!

NHUSD has reopened all of the district's school libraries and has staffed them, for the most part, with the Teacher Librarian Specialists (TLS) who were reassigned last year. 

Our first day will be Tuesday 2/12/13 (Monday is a furlough day (mandatory leaves of absence ordered by employers who are attempting to cut costs without firing employees)). My library lesson plans will once again be posted here.

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