Fieldtrip: Oct 1 for NHUSD Teacher Librarians

The Teacher Librarians of NHUSD cannot wait to attend the Educators Day at Imagine K12 on October 1st.


Lesson Plans 9/30-10-6: Internet Safety

Last week of Internet Safety Training for grades 1st - 5th


Lesson Plans 9/23-9/29: Internet Safety

Week 2: Internet Safety


Lesson Plans 8/9/14 - 8/15/14: intro to the library

First day of Check in
  • Students will check-in books and presort books.
  • We will review classroom management policies. 


Lesson Plans 9/2/14-9/8/14: intro to the library

First day of Check out
1. Students will bring their textbooks to class
2. Students will find their library cards
3. Students will check out one book of their own selection and their textbooks