Lesson Plan: 8.21.19 to 8.23.19

Grades 1st to 5th: Welcome to Kitayama

Students must know their Google account!

Lesson Plans 8.26.19 to 8.30.19

Grades 1st to 5th: Intro to the Library

The Chromebook Keyboard

Lesson Plans 9.3.19 to 9.9.19

Grades 1st to 5th:
Do you know your school Google Account?
First check-out

Lesson Plans 9.10.19 to 9.27.19

Grades 1st-5th: Internet Safety

Book Fair Website

eWallet For the Book Fair


Lesson Plans: 4/15/19-5/17/19

TK-5th: Writing book reviews and filming book trailers


Lesson Plans 3/25/19-4/12/19

2nd - 5th Grade: Do you know the parts of Nonfiction Text?
TK - 1st: Parts of Nonfiction Text

Google Account Test: 4/8/19-4/12/19


April 1st-5th: Spring Break
April 15th-26th: Testing: 3rd-5th
April 29-May 3rd: Last Check-Out
May 6th-11th: All Books Due
May 13th-17th: Book Fair
May 27th: Memorial Day
June 13th: Last Day of School



March Lessons

Why is Keyboarding important? 
Computer skills and typing skills have become increasingly important to many in their ever day lives, students included. If you know how to use the computer efficiently, it becomes easier to get things done quickly. This includes knowing how to use software programs and hardware devices. Both enable users to finish tasks on the computer, such as homework assignments, chapter quizzes, and essays. If you know how to use the computer you can also take advantage of using software programs and their hardware devices to have fun.

TK-1st: Parts of a Nonfiction book
2nd-5th: Keyboarding


Lesson Plans: 1/7/19-2/1/19

TK-2nd: Tour of book shelves and how to sort books
TK-K: Rookie Readers
1st: Everyday books (E)
2nd: Chapter books (F)

3rd-5th: Email test and database treasure hunt

2nd-5th: Coding


Email Test 1/7/19-1/11/19

All 3rd-5th grade students must know their school email address and password.
Students who have passed the email test do not need to take the test again.