3rd-5th Grade Extra Credit Due 3/11/16

You must be done with your Google Slide project. Do an "All About Us" presentation on PowToons. See flyer in library. Listen to the three videos before you start!

Lesson Plans: 2/29/16-3/11/16

5th-3rd: 5th-3rd: Making a Google Slide Presentation. 3.3 Use information and technology creatively to answer a question, solve 
a problem, or enrich understanding. Due: 3/11/16

2nd-Kinder: Making a Nonfiction book: Students will make a Nonfiction book with text features. 1.3.g.Identify the characteristics of fiction and nonfiction. Due: 3/11/16
Image at: http://www.wmfirstassembly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/who-am-i.jpg

Our next project: Stop Motion