8/27-9/2: Mini Lesson 1: Library Safety

First Semester Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit

Driving Question (DQ): What is appropriate behavior in the library: both online and offline?

Standard 3. Students use information.
The student will organize, synthesize, create, and communicate information.
3.1 Demonstrate ethical, legal, and safe use of information in print, media, and online
  1. Understand the need to adhere to privacy and safety guidelines.
  2. Understand the need to ask a trusted adult for permission when asked
to provide personal information in person, on a form, or online.
3.2 Draw conclusions and make informed decisions:
  1. Participate in completion of a graphic organizer showing aspects of a topic.
3.3 Use information and technology creatively to answer a question, solve a problem,
or enrich understanding:
  1. Use a picture or other visual aid when telling a story.

Product: Exit Ticket Poster

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