California Young Reader Medal Winners

Votes - Books

144 - Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein
 56 - Stars by Mary Lyn Ray, 
 61 - Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown 
 90 - Press Here by Herve Tullet 
 48 - Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies 

 53 - 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy 
164 - Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg 
170 - Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of an American Feud by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain

This is what students said about these books!

Why did you vote for the book you chose?

I chose this book because I really enjoyed how the two grown men fought over how one got elected president and that the other one was mad. The book Worst Of Friends kinda gives me background knowledge reflecting on me and my sister how we always fight with each other about how one got something and the other one wanted that same thing. I piced it becse it was incrsting friends dont aways get alog i did that because it make me think of my friend and me when we get mad at each other and we have things we like the same and we play what we want and we like to play what we love like the same. i vote that book becuase it was a fun book i chose this book because it show that not only young people can do amazing things but just give someone a chance to do it so people that are 60 and more or less they can still take risks just give them a chance and see what you could win i like this book because it was intresting. I vote for Worst Of Friends because I think that it is trying to tell me that if you have a best friend you are not always have the same ideas,and sometimes you are going to fight for what you want,but most of the times you will figur it out and be friends. BECAUSE IT WAS A GOOD BOOK WHEN THEY SAVED i vote for this book because i never saw a real story about a lady going down niagree falls.the book was true and it was a happy and sad story I like the book I picked this book because it is funny.The reason why I chose, Worst of Friends is because it shows how two important people of the United States have their differeces.Also it is funny to seeing how two presidents are fighting. Because it is about how tow best friends and how they had a disagreement and the wrote and made up I VOTE FOR 14 COW BECAUSE THEY SELLED ALL THERE COWWW I chose this book because I think that it shows that woman are just as good as men . most people dont think a woman can do something because it is manley but I think this book shows that woman are just as good as men. I like QUEEN OF THE FALLS because I like action and this book does have action. i picked queen of the falls because the thing she did was very amazing , ann (sorry if i spelled her name wrong) was very brave for the thing she did, ann came up with a very interesting way of solving her problem of a money shortage , ann was very old , she still rode the falls . I am voting for this book because it makes me think of my friends. This book is very interesting. I also like to here about the two best friends.This book shows many funny things and lessons. I like the Queen of The Falls because it is brave for someone to go over the falls. because that must be hard and she was brave I chose queen of the falls because she try to be famous and she became famous by going on Niagra falls on a barrel and she became famous of that because its a old lady that dose something to pursume her dreams for money but she dose not get money I liked this story the most because it really told you about Jefferson and Adams. When they were friends and then they were mean to each other and then they both died on the 4rth of July. because she never gave up and she was brave even tho nobody didn't think she was queen of the fall she did not give up. I liked this book because its exiting. When a lady went into a barrel I thought she would get hert. This is a good book to read. I think you will like it too. it gives you a little fear that she will have a bad cut. I like it because it talks about friendship.Also they were fighting they were still friends. what i liked in this story was that first they were best of friends then they became enimies. and i thought that was kind of weird and strange.but at the end they died on 4 of july and at that time i thought that it was vary sad.but the best thing i liked was when they were best of friends. i voted this book because ,first they were friends,then they were kind of like writing.i like kind of writing because it makes you to not think and you do not have think along time when you are in middle,high school or college doing writing i chose this book because it has i little pattern to it . I really thought it was intersting Because two freinds become worst enimies and its suprising that there both presidints but in the end become freinds again. beacase its friting if she is going to die. I choose 14 Cows for America because they are helping people. They give people cows. I pick this book because it was a good book. I like the book because it has friends, it's sad and it has fights. I choose Worst of Friends because I find it entertaining and funny how the two friends have ups and downs, but started to get along at the end. it was very interesting. i realy enjoyed it Because it has humor and what happened in the book can happen to anyone even the best of friends that is why I like this book i chosed the book worst of friends because i have never read it and i want to read it I like this book because it has my favorite waterfall and has a lot of action . An a women goes in a barrel and goes thru a waterfall. i choose this book because it is exiting in both the begining and also at the end of the book and because it has a lot of biogrofies in it to tell us this is true back in these day I chose The Worst of Friends because i thought it was intresting It made it amazing that she lived to tell the story of falling down a waterfall turned into fame i like this book because it is really interesting. i like this book because the message is to follow your dreams and dont give up i picked this book because it teaches peaple how to not be friends but still be nice to echoter i picked this book because that happened to me and my best friend. I think this book teaches how to always forgive you best friend. The book was intristing one is fat and one is skiny I chose this book because it tell about a women who follows her dream even if it didn't lead her to great fortune.This book teaches you to never give up your dreams and persevere! I chose the Book "The worst of friends" because when I first heard of the story,I was really engaged because I loved the concepts. I voted for this book because it was really funny and it tells me a lot about the Presidents and Tomes Jefferson,my favorite President. I chose this book worst of friends because it fells like history to me and i love Worst of friends because everything actually happened in the story worst of friends. I voted this book because I liked how the women was brave.I voted for it because I think the way it is written is interesting. I also voted for this book because it involves friendship. I picked this book because sometimes friends can get mad at each other.You make up but you are still mad at the other person.Most of the time you just have to get a new best friend.You are still friends but not your still friends.Thats why I picked the Worst Of Friends. the book was intristing. i chose the worst friend becuse i like it how they fit and who is the law and they never where friends ever agin i picked this book because i think shes very brave it's fun to read and if you don't know the presentdent read this book and frenins I chose this book because I have never seen a lady that I think is 50 or 54 lady that survived a barrel and going down Niagra Falls. It was a miracle that she survived a huge water fall. I like this book because it was brave for someone to do that I think I would never do that the book is a story that tells friendship breaking-up and getting back togetheragain Because this book is about having good or bad friends and it is also about The White House history which I think is interesting. It also has a good message about friendship, so this book teaches us about 2 things: -good friendship -and history (facts about Jefferson and Adams) This book is also non-fiction so it is fun to read and learn at the same time, so i love this book! i chose the queen of he falls because its full of action and annie did not get what she wanted I voted for this book because it was very funny and it interest me. In how enemies can become really good friends at the end.Also, it was nice that it talks about the presidents. I voted for this book because they were friends and broke up and in the end they were friends again. I wondered why they were making a statue. My favorite part was when they broke up. i voted for this book because it tells us that its not ok to be mad at your frend jestI think we should respect our presidents. i chose the worst of friends because it really interest me and it reminded me in kindergarden when me and me friend argued about a book and became friends and enemies it thought me that your enimie can become best friend. and your bestfriend cant be mad at you forever you have to be freinds with him /her someday it like that it to be back to be friends Why i chose this book is because, its really interesting, and it inspires me. It is funny when people do not believe when the lady , that she went up to niagrifalls bt at least she has some fam.because this book shows a lot of braverry and she was old. This book is really good cause I thought 4th of July was about how we got are freedom and all I thought this was fake. I never knew that this book was a real story and the woman wasn't afraid to go inside the bucket and fall in the waterfall . This book really was really intresting to me . i chose queen of the falls because she was brave to go in the falls I voted for the worst of friends because it had to do with friends that were the best, but politics destroyed their friendship. They fought over how they wanted America to be like.because it was interesting and a little bit scarey I voted for Worst of Friends because at the end they forgive each other. I chose Queen of the Falls because she was brave enough to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel where most people could have died from. I chose this book because I like how they described the water crashing, and her falling and her surviving. I chose Queen of the Falls because it is a story about a great woman who went over the falls. I also picked that book because it taught me about a wonderful woman. i like the Worst of friend because i get to learn .Also it remind me with my friend and how i be mad and my friend. DOTS CHANGE i really like this book because it is a great friendship but then the two friends split up then they never see each other again and it was a true story that was the real reason why I like this story because the sounds where fun and i think that you can press the button in the book. i picked this book because it was about a lady that want to seal sea.it was very funny my favorite part is when the lady got in the barrel and went in the water. I chose this Queen of the Falls because the book was non fiction and it was interesting. This book was based on a true story. I wonder how Mrs. Tayler felt when she fell from the top of the falls and went straight down. I would feel scared. When she droped from the top of the falls I liked when the people help Mrs. Tayler out. I chose this book because it is a story that makes you excited of what is going to happen next. So that is why I voted for his book. Because I like how she stood up and she was brave. i chose worst of friends because its about two friends who became president and then became enemies.then they became friends again and were remembered forever I voted for this book because it is how we got Fourth of July.You get a lesson from this book.i like this book it is cool.I learned from this book. becuas i like how they fiht and i like when they died I like Queen of the falls because it tell's us aboutit i like about this book becuase the frinese i like this book because it is cool and fun of how the best of friends became ennemies and friends again because it was intresting I like this book because it is funny it teaches you a very good lesson It shows that you can dream big,and sometimes I picked this book because I found it amazing how two very different people could become the very best of friends.I liked that they found a way to compromise and find a way to both run the country together the way that they wanted to.I find it amazing that they got into a huge argument and still found a way to run the country together. I think that it's so cool that they died on the exact same day. That is way I picked The Worst of Friends to win the medal. I voted for this book because I think that there is a message that you shouldn't give up even when people don't think you can do something. Just belive in yourself and that's all that counts. I also think that another message is that don't be affraid to take a risk. don't be affraid to reach out of your comfort zone. i chose this book because it teaches people a lesson I voted for 14 cows for america because the africans were so nice to give us so little of what they have in Africa. The cows in africa were so important and ever scince the africans gave us their cows cows here are now important. The africans were very thoughtful. I chose worst of friends because it is really touching to me and my heart I chose this book because even the who were poor still gave 14 cows for America.They showed they were thankful. i like queen of the falls because it is a biography and it is a good story. I chose it because this is about how some friendships turn out.Some can turn out best friends for life and some can be best friends for a while; and maybe break up then be friends again or just comment and talk to each other. because it shows how these two best friends that takes some time to figer things out I vote for Worst Of Friends because I think it is important to not fight over little things, so, that book will teach you a lesson.Because I had a best friend and then we got wrost then we got to be best friends agian For me I vote for Queen Of The Falls because it shows something that is almost impossible yet it is a true story. Another reason is that how the story was made was really good,through it's words and other stuff I voted for Worst of friends because they got in a fight then became friends again I voted for the worst of friends becaues they didint get along. it has a good story it tells me about prastents I was intrested in this book because her story was scary I love this book because,it is about traditional things and it is full of non-fiction. And i love non -fiction. thank you for reading it to us!!! i voted for this book because it has a lot of drama and the charicter who was in the baril didnt give up Ichoeas this bookshe did a graet I like this book because there friendship was not good in the end cause she was so brave to go down a waterfall i like this bookbecause it talk about how a woamen like to be at the falls. I voted for Worst Of Friends because it is a very intresting biography on our country. i voted for worst of friends because it tells how friendship is made. two friends can change the whole city and thats what this story is about. i chose 14 cows for amraica becuse it was a great book for all ages i voted for this book because it seemed really interesting.this book is interesting with the "queen" going over the falls.it was very risky yet she went over the falls anyway,she could have died but she didn't. Beacause he lives in amarica I pick queen of falls because it was intresting I like chris van allsburg books and it was a thrill! I voted for Queen of the falls because that story was interesting and I liked it so much. I vote for this book because I want to see if the queen really was in danger at the beggining of the stor I choose this book because it tells how friends are different, and how they're small and big. They can also from a different culture but they can still be best friends. because it's really really funny and it's also about friendship and i like it a lot I like this book because it proves that even if you are old or a woman or even if people think you are weak you can just trust in yourself and go for your dreams he changed the story Because it was funny and it had good pictures i like it because they hate each other they like each other. I like how the women in Queen of the Falls her bravery from in a barrel going to Niagra Falls.I also like the title since its Niagra Falls. Beacause it looks coolIF you like funny books you like this book because it was cool i just liked this book.that woman was so brave that she would get on the barrel. and she was just an old lady that she could be the only brave elderly in the world. this book shows a lot of bravy it was a great story of how people can forgive and forget the past.it really made me like the book because friends can always be forgiving. i vote for this book because is about two best frends but thay stared hating them bt they waer sending leters too ther chother so then they waer best frends agen it was the most detaled bookBecause it has a lot of feeling in it and the story was powerful. i choose this book because it tells you a good leason to try things and its a very good book i voted for worst of friends because it was something that really happens because they were friends but then they become eninames and then for a long while they started to become friends again they started to send each of them letters I voted for Worst of Friends because that book talks about friendship. And because the book has a message: Whenever you and your best friend have a argument, you will always make up. And it talks about the history of The White House. This book teaches us 2 facts: - facts about Jefferson - and facts about Adams So, I recommend this book to kids/students who have a passion for history. I give it a... 5 STAR RATING!!!!! I picked this book because it was a great book and I think this book Queen Of The Falls would be a great book for everyone. I have voted for this book because it's a true story of a woman who has wanted money and fame but the lesson is that if want something really badly[meaning money, or toys...] you wont always get what you want.Not everything can always turn out the way you want it. the best thing todo is exept things the way they are.DONT BE GREEDY FOR THINGS!!!!!!! I chose THE WORST of FRIENDS because some times people do worst stuff to there friends. I voted for this book because it tells us about how things were before.This book also tells us how some friends can be the worst of friends. Because the main concept is bravery and she risked her life just because she wanted to be rich and famous. And she so old . I think that was incredible. I choose this because they were willing to give even if they had nothing. They had no money. I voted for worst of friends because its about two people who are like the best of friends and just turn into worst friends just because of some thing friends are pose to be forever no matter what. friends are like a dog you cant just leave them any were just like friends you never leave a friend.if you had a friend since you were in kinder and know in 5 you just leave them friends are forever I liked this book because the lady fllowed her dreams. in I thought this book was interesting because I like parts i voted for this book because the african people gave us what they thought would help.the african peple had so little yet they wanted to help US. the book is intresting and I like the title It is intresting i voted for this book because it shows friendship at the end of the book Because Ms.talor survived Niagra falls in a barel. because he interrupes i like the worst of friends because it talks about how 2 people want to run america 2 different ways. Because i liked it I vote for queen of the falls because it was a true story and that person was the first lady or women get on a barrel and traveled in niagra falls and that person thought anything is possible, thats why i love the book queen of the falls. I liked the Worst of Friends because it tells you about how friendship can come to anger and hate.But we should remember how anger can come to friendship.This friendship can never break. I vote for this book because it reminds me of my friendship and I like this book because it's about presidents fighting against each other that who could be the best president in U.S.A. and in the ending they kept writing letters to each other about how are they doing because the lady in the book seemed brave to put her self in a barel and go down niagra falls. it was a amusing book. Because it shows how they feel when they had a fight Because the book 14 cows for America shows kindness and sharing by giving America 14 cows, even though to them cows mean life to them. i like this book because it is about 2 freinds and then they were enemys and it really catchs your atachin and it makes you think what is going to happen next because first freinds then enemys so that is why i pick this book because the book the worst of friends was a fun book to watch and read. and the book did not tell there fillings they should it instead Because I Like it i liked how the ather told the hole story not just a little I voted for 14 Cows To America because this story tells about how much Africa cared about us. Also because when people from an other country/state send us something they have so many of, that's like sending someone a letter full with money. The real saying is that if you have lots of things, you can keep it if you want to, but it's best to share i like it because it's like some of my friends and i. i have friends that go on and on about who's right or wrong but after all that we text and become friends. we are the same in a way. This book has history and a very good story about competition. I also think it is interesting because this is also about my country I like the queen of the fall beacuse is annie is brave and smart and now she is queen of the fall I choose that book because it is good and i like it I choose Worst of Friends because this book is two autobiogrophies combined into one. It is packed with humor, and tragedy, and it teaches us all an important lesson: just because you don't agree dosn't mean you can't be friends. why i chose this book is because i read it in the libary and i liked it so now i like it. and my teaher read it last year and i loved it so much bye because it's about friendship I chose this book because how they bonded over there hobbies and were friends for many years.but when they ran for president and became enimeies I chose the book called the worst of friends because it was intresting. Another reason i chose the book because it was also about presidents. the book tells us about friendship I choose 14 cows of america because it is touching to me. I pick that book because it teaches you to be brave also it tells you to belive in your self because I like to learn about our history and presidents because they count for other country like Africa and other continets because Nelson Mandela was Africas president I choose it because it was scary and shocking. I like the drawings and they look realistic. Worst Of Friends is a true story first if all so that helps us now & it shows how friends can fight and become better friends then they were. Worst Of Friends showed running for presdent is hard running against your best friend. Thats why I liked this book. because it was a good book. it was showing us that you do not have to be worst of firends. The reason why i pick this book is because, i think it's the lady was tacking her life just to go over the water fall.She got heart in the bearel full of cuts.But she still survives.But can she even breathe. because it is a sad stoy you can learn from I chose this book because its about a huge stunt that is very dangerous and the drawings and pantings that make it look realistic. i like this story because its shows how total opposites can still be best friends . Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had different personalities,different lives, and different ideas. The different ideas caused the problems. But some how it all worked out. It also has humor! because its about the best of friends end up in fights. Friendships don't always work the way you want them to work. why well because i like the part were the two best freinds fight because they choos two diffrent sids. I liked the books queen of the falls because it was full of suspense.

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