Lesson Plans: 1/13-1/17

K-5: Teach 1: Each student to create a self-portrait to be included in a class time capsule. They are making an original piece of art, that they will give a Title, put their name on, and date.
Note: All students will be doing these lessons (K-5) as this year is the first year we have this lesson. I will not be using the internet connections as I will save these for next year (Picasso Head: http://www.picassohead.com/).

The lessons are at:

Alignment with Standards -- Common Core & NETS•S

Source: Common Core State Standards Initiative ©2012 & National Educational Technology Standards for Students ©2007, International Society for Technology in Education
Common Core:
  • grade K: RI.1, RI.4, RI.5, RI.6, RI.10, RF.4, W.1, W.2, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.3, SL.5, SL.6, L.1a, L.1f, L.6
  • grade 1: RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.3, SL.6, L.6
  • grade 2: RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.5, SL.6, L.6
NETS•S: 1a, 1b, 2b, 3b, 3d, 4c, 5a-d, 6a-b

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