Day 1: Thursday: CSLA Conference

A. My first class was "Flipping Your Library" by Michele Luthala (2 hours)
Flipping Applications
10. eContent: eBooks and Web sites, (I wonder if there is an app for Follett Shelf)
9. Curation: Pearltrees http://www.pearltrees.com/
8. Close: Subtext (ipad only) http://goo.gl/kJIhTX
7. Student Response System: Socrative http://www.socrative.com/ Great for Chromebooks
6. Course Management: Google Classroom http://goo.gl/OQG1na  I want to try this!
5. Communication: Google Voice: http://goo.gl/aSdHKp and Twitter
4. Blogging: Blogger (yeah!) https://www.blogger.com
3. Collection delivery: Destiny Library Manager
2. Video Instruction: Screenflow, AirServer, Reflector
1. Cloud Computing: Google Drive

B. My second class was "A Deeper Dive into the new ELA/ELD Framework K-12" by Renee Ousley-Swank (2 hours). This was very complex workshop. My aha moment was when I realized I could combine the ELA/ELD standards with the library standards and reach more students. The SFUSD has combined the CCSS, ELA/ELD, and the Library standards. We will contact them and see if we can get a copy of their work.

C. Today I talked to many reps... 

I cannot wait to learn more about PBS Learning Media California http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/ which is FREE. I will be attending workshops with them on Friday and Saturday.

I am also interested in California Streaming  http://www.californiastreaming.org/ however it is fee based at 0.70 cents per student per year.

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